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    From Hard Narrative to
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Academic and Practical - a Perfect BlendTuirenn Manages (& Achieves) Amazing Stuff Every Day!


Following two years artistically leading the CragRats Undermill Theatre, in 2006, I decided to unload my performing suitcase for a while as I moved South, and here I settled at Amersham & Wycombe College lecturing Performing Arts at BTEC and A’Level. Subsequently I moved into Higher and Adult Education – specialising in fields of Theatre History, Scriptwriting and most aspects of acting technique. As a professional performer, director, playwright and also as a lecturer/tutor/mentor in the performing arts: I love theatre. I love teaching about it and I live inspiring others (whether as performers, as colleagues, as students or as audiences). I love being a part of this unique arm of the arts and creative industries…

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From production and rehearsal galleries, to tips for performing and directing and a whole host of rambling, scribblings and general nuggets of performing arts info, there is plenty here to keep you occupied – or even serve as a first aid kit if necessary.




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Help Me Cry on Cue

One of my recent students could summon tears to her eyes instantly and very effectively. She seemed to do it with no particular effort. It was pretty amazing to see, and she was demonstrating a rather impressive party trick. But is this necessary?